« They climb with me! »

La FDJ, Partenaire de Thibaut Pinot

« Thanks to my team and the FDJ company, I managed to reach my current performance level. They have accompanied me since my first pro year in 2010. Shaping young talents has been in the team’s DNA since its creation in 1997. It allowed me to make huge progress and to feel good in the team really fast. I particularly love the fidelity, the friendly spirit and the permanent desire to get better of this team. »

FDJ : The story between Thibaut Pinot and us is all about fidelity! We supported him at the beginning of his career and he keeps supporting us know that he has become one of the best riders in the world. He is the perfect leader: efficient on the bike and exemplary in his everyday life. The team grew a lot thanks to him and we are persuaded that we still have lots of things to live together!

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